Simple Breakfasts with One Specific Purpose

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and as cliche as that is, I’ve discovered that certain breakfasts have the power to become exceptionally important. My ever-so-quickly-growing seven-year-old and I have always shared a special love of that glorious morning meal, one that initially started with a dozen donuts and has since grown to exploring options both at home and … Continue reading Simple Breakfasts with One Specific Purpose

The Magic City—Birmingham, AL

At the start of our Great Smoky Mountains trip, we cut the drive to Pigeon Forge in half, staying in Birmingham. While we were there, the wife and I concluded that the next long weekend we had free, we really should make the short-ish drive and explore Birmingham, the Magic City. Let me go ahead and say this—Birmingham is probably one of my favorite cities … Continue reading The Magic City—Birmingham, AL

Domo Arigato, y’all—Mississippi Hibachi

From the moment I opened the box to my Blackstone and started putting that sucker together, I promised my son I’d try to make his second favorite meal in the world: chicken fried rice (it’s second only to his mom’s Fettuccine Alfredo). He’s the kind of kid that if you mention anything to him, he’ll remember until the end of time. Since I’d never tried … Continue reading Domo Arigato, y’all—Mississippi Hibachi

Searing Some Simple Smash Burgers

My birthday is in October, and this year, I asked for a Blackstone Griddle. Don’t let the notion that I’m some trained culinary expert take residence in your mind. I’m neither trained nor an expert. I’m simply someone who likes food. I can’t cook many things, but what I can cook, I imagine I cook well. Other than food tasting wonderful, I love the aesthetics … Continue reading Searing Some Simple Smash Burgers

The Great Smoky Mountains—Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg, TN

To say the year of our Lord 2020 has been a year like no other would not only be cliche, it’d be accurate. So much has been written, videoed, photographed, even sung about since the word Covid-19 has entered our lexicon. As I type, we’re in the midst of the large 2nd outbreak, holding on to any glimpse of hope December may bring of good … Continue reading The Great Smoky Mountains—Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg, TN

The Mississippi Gulf Coast—Gulfport, MS

I’ve written before about how complaining that there’s nothing to do in your home town is merely a manifestation of laziness for all to see. And if that’s the case, then the same concept can be applied to the state in which you live. Full Photo Gallery at the end That being said, the Chapman crew took advantage of a high school football free weekend … Continue reading The Mississippi Gulf Coast—Gulfport, MS

The corner of North Jefferson and Manship

Living in the suburbs of Mississippi’s Capital City, it’s easy to make the argument that there’s just nothing to do. And as true as that can be, that grievance is tired. There are things to do in any city, town, suburb, borough, hamlet, nook or cranny. But if an individual subscribes to the notion that the world is going to give you the good things, … Continue reading The corner of North Jefferson and Manship

Been Around the World to End Up Right Back Where I Started

It seems odd that with my new job—which comes with new a new collection of duties and responsibilities—finding time to collect my words and thoughts in a digital recreational composition location (see: “blog”) would be a thing. How’d I get here, you ask? Let’s see if I can track my course from when I started this little “digital recreation composition location.” When this site was … Continue reading Been Around the World to End Up Right Back Where I Started

I Hear it From The Backseat: ARE WE THERE YET? Nope.

If you look at where we are in the Gregorian calendar, we’re closing out year 2018. Nearly 20 years into the 21st Century—but not quite there yet. If time stopped now, we’d fall just short—366 days short. In relation to the annual trip around the sun, that’s a bit over 100-per-cent short. But in relation to time, it’s a blip, a hiccup, a wisp. Since … Continue reading I Hear it From The Backseat: ARE WE THERE YET? Nope.

PODCAST: “Headliners”

I first met Rachel Richlinski at a football game during Clinton High School’s 2016 championship run. A good deal of hype was built around a high school team that was stacked with next-level talent, and like any good fresh-off-the-boat (or I guess I should say fresh-out-of-college) sports reporter, a young Rachel did a fairly good job of introducing herself to a press box full of … Continue reading PODCAST: “Headliners”