A Love No Greater

Friday night under the lights is a phrase that rolls off the tongue—or the fingers, I guess—a phrase that encapsulates everything there is to know about high school football. It’s the culmination of an academic week interrupted by a pep-rally and school spirit. It’s the manifestation of film sessions, extended practices and walk-throughs. It’s where former players and alumni get to relive their high school days … Continue reading A Love No Greater

MC’s Haworth Makes me Want to be Better

–DISCLAIMER: When my Journalism class starts (one day), I’ll make them “blog” about the experience of preparing an article. This is one of those blog posts.– I’m not talented at many things. I always say my only real talent is growing a beard—and that’s credited to hairy jeans and laziness. Clay Norton, our AD, says I’m knowledgable about all things, master of nothing. I’ll take it. … Continue reading MC’s Haworth Makes me Want to be Better

Chapman: Party of a Million

Lord, where have I been this past week? It’s almost been a week since I’ve posted anything. Defeats the purpose of having my own site (notice how I’m avoiding calling this a blog when that’s what it is…) if I don’t post anything. So, what’s been occupying my time? Class. I’m back at it, trying to finish my MA. I’ve taken a brief hiatus from … Continue reading Chapman: Party of a Million