PODCAST: “Headliners”

I first met Rachel Richlinski at a football game during Clinton High School’s 2016 championship run. A good deal of hype was built around a high school team that was stacked with next-level talent, and like any good fresh-off-the-boat (or I guess I should say fresh-out-of-college) sports reporter, a young Rachel did a fairly good job of introducing herself to a press box full of … Continue reading PODCAST: “Headliners”

PODCAST: “The Good Doctor”

In our fast-paced world where we have instant everything—instant grits, instant oatmeal, instant live streaming, instant pizza, instant gratification—we naturally fall in line and do what we’re supposed to, when we’re supposed to. Rarely do we attack our life from outside the norm. We often refer to kids who are a bit different as kids who march to their own beat. My own two kids are a … Continue reading PODCAST: “The Good Doctor”

PODCAST: “Flora & Fauna”

Exploring your hometown is something many feel is either beneath them or just doesn’t exist. I mean, what is there to do where you live? I’ve been here my whole life, and I’ve experienced it all already. I’m not waking up to go and find nothing to do. That tends to be our mindset, but once you finally get over yourself, you’re going to realize some … Continue reading PODCAST: “Flora & Fauna”

From Podcast to Podcast: New & Old Ideas are Part of HAIRPIN MEDIA, My Newest Project

For the past year, I’ve produced a podcast called WGPD—The World’s Greatest Dad Podcast and I’ve had a blast producing it. I recently put out a brief update on the status of WGDP that Season 3 is in the works. I’ve been lining up a few dads here and there to focus on how today’s dad is nowhere near Ward Clever. We’ve tapped into a new … Continue reading From Podcast to Podcast: New & Old Ideas are Part of HAIRPIN MEDIA, My Newest Project

I Think I’m Finally Growing Up—Maybe Not

© 2018—Robert Chapman/Chapmanesque.com There was a time when a steak dinner at a really nice restaurant was affordable. Don’t get me wrong, I’m arrogantly in my 30s, so I’m more than able to afford a steak dinner at a nice restaurant; it’s a far cry from me ten years ago when I was absolutely not able to afford any kind of dinner at any kind of … Continue reading I Think I’m Finally Growing Up—Maybe Not

Moving Out, Moving In & Moving On Up: Possibly Some Accurate Advice on Adulting.

Photo borrowed from William M. Hamilton’s 2014 POST. As a teacher, the month of July brings mixed feelings. I’m wrapping up summer break, about to dive face-first into registration, lesson plans, testing, football, pep rallies and accountability systems. But that is the life of a high school writing teacher. As said high school writing teacher, I have to get back into that “waking up” routine. I’ve … Continue reading Moving Out, Moving In & Moving On Up: Possibly Some Accurate Advice on Adulting.

A Love No Greater

Friday night under the lights is a phrase that rolls off the tongue—or the fingers, I guess—a phrase that encapsulates everything there is to know about high school football. It’s the culmination of an academic week interrupted by a pep-rally and school spirit. It’s the manifestation of film sessions, extended practices and walk-throughs. It’s where former players and alumni get to relive their high school days … Continue reading A Love No Greater

We Really Do Take it All for Granted—And I’m Okay with That

Well, hello there. It’s been a while, but I thought I’d drop in again to say hello. I’ve been awfully busy these past few months, finishing a Master’s degree, revamping our live streaming capabilities at the high school, creating a journalism curriculum (if you can call it that), and living out my version of being an SID for a pretty good high school athletic department. … Continue reading We Really Do Take it All for Granted—And I’m Okay with That

To the Class of 2016

If you ask any teacher worth his or her salt, they’re going to tell you that every student is special. There is a special place in the heart of every teacher for their students.But once you get past the generic mushy mess, the sentimentality varies in degree from one class to another, from one student to another. That being said, I’m pretty partial to the … Continue reading To the Class of 2016

MC’s Haworth Makes me Want to be Better

–DISCLAIMER: When my Journalism class starts (one day), I’ll make them “blog” about the experience of preparing an article. This is one of those blog posts.– I’m not talented at many things. I always say my only real talent is growing a beard—and that’s credited to hairy jeans and laziness. Clay Norton, our AD, says I’m knowledgable about all things, master of nothing. I’ll take it. … Continue reading MC’s Haworth Makes me Want to be Better