Domo Arigato, y’all—Mississippi Hibachi

From the moment I opened the box to my Blackstone and started putting that sucker together, I promised my son I’d try to make his second favorite meal in the world: chicken fried rice (it’s second only to his mom’s Fettuccine Alfredo). He’s the kind of kid that if you mention anything to him, he’ll remember until the end of time. Since I’d never tried … Continue reading Domo Arigato, y’all—Mississippi Hibachi

Searing Some Simple Smash Burgers

My birthday is in October, and this year, I asked for a Blackstone Griddle. Don’t let the notion that I’m some trained culinary expert take residence in your mind. I’m neither trained nor an expert. I’m simply someone who likes food. I can’t cook many things, but what I can cook, I imagine I cook well. Other than food tasting wonderful, I love the aesthetics … Continue reading Searing Some Simple Smash Burgers