I Hear it From The Backseat: ARE WE THERE YET? Nope.

If you look at where we are in the Gregorian calendar, we’re closing out year 2018. Nearly 20 years into the 21st Century—but not quite there yet. If time stopped now, we’d fall just short—366 days short. In relation to the annual trip around the sun, that’s a bit over 100-per-cent short. But in relation to time, it’s a blip, a hiccup, a wisp. Since … Continue reading I Hear it From The Backseat: ARE WE THERE YET? Nope.

PODCAST: “Headliners”

I first met Rachel Richlinski at a football game during Clinton High School’s 2016 championship run. A good deal of hype was built around a high school team that was stacked with next-level talent, and like any good fresh-off-the-boat (or I guess I should say fresh-out-of-college) sports reporter, a young Rachel did a fairly good job of introducing herself to a press box full of … Continue reading PODCAST: “Headliners”

PODCAST: “The Good Doctor”

In our fast-paced world where we have instant everything—instant grits, instant oatmeal, instant live streaming, instant pizza, instant gratification—we naturally fall in line and do what we’re supposed to, when we’re supposed to. Rarely do we attack our life from outside the norm. We often refer to kids who are a bit different as kids who march to their own beat. My own two kids are a … Continue reading PODCAST: “The Good Doctor”