From Podcast to Podcast: New & Old Ideas are Part of HAIRPIN MEDIA, My Newest Project

Hairpin Media LogoFor the past year, I’ve produced a podcast called WGPD—The World’s Greatest Dad Podcast and I’ve had a blast producing it.

I recently put out a brief update on the status of WGDP that Season 3 is in the works. I’ve been lining up a few dads here and there to focus on how today’s dad is nowhere near Ward Clever. We’ve tapped into a new side of fatherhood that allows for Pops to be more involved in new ways while still upholding the same expectations of doing your best—not just from the kids but from dad as well.

WGDP_NEWLOGO3Like I said, a new season is in the works, fully equipped with a new intro that features music from The Locals, a band from Clinton, MS who are actual locals to me…as well as former students. I encourage you to look them up and frequent their music.

Along my journey back into WGDP (That’s the SoundCloud Link by the way), I kept thinking there are so many other people out there with great stories who don’t fit the criteria of WGDP. I mean, it is about dads after all, and anyone who can’t put a check in the “Dad” box would almost be overlooked.

That being said, I just couldn’t shake the idea of creating another podcast, even though my very busy schedule didn’t seem to agree with me. I pushed it to the back of my mind, to the back of my to-do list, and it kept creeping back to the forefront.

Finally, I’d had enough, and I gave in. It hit me as I was driving one day, listening to one of the many podcasts I frequent myself. There are media companies and groups that produce multiple podcasts, so why can’t I?

So I created my own media group, Hairpin Media. Follow my logic, if you will: I recently built a table that is now on my back porch—the place I tend to record most of my podcasts from. That very table has “Hairpin Legs.” My wife uses bobby pins on a daily basis, and overtime I’ve associated hairpins with her. She encourages my creative outlets and keeps me inline, so I figured that’d be a good name for what I want to do.

WHO2THAT_LOGOThe new venture is called From Who’s Who to Who’s That, and it literally showcases just what the title says. There are so many people in the world, and (like I say on the podcast) I really do want to meet them all.

I’ve already conducted a couple of interviews for this one, so we’ll see where the future leads us. Be on the look out for From Who’s Who to Who’s That and WGDP—The World’s Greatest Dad Podcast.

Who knows, maybe you’ll get the itch to be on the podcast. You do have a story to tell, and contrary to your near-sighted notion, you’re more interesting than you think.

If you’re interested (or know someone who may be), please, hit me up.

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