Chapman: Party of a Million

Seinfeld_the_chinese_restaurantLord, where have I been this past week? It’s almost been a week since I’ve posted anything. Defeats the purpose of having my own site (notice how I’m avoiding calling this a blog when that’s what it is…) if I don’t post anything.

So, what’s been occupying my time?

I’m back at it, trying to finish my MA. I’ve taken a brief hiatus from it because of new responsibilities…read “children” into this. Now that they’re semi-automatic, I can suffer semester and a summer to finish this thing. I often get the whole, “You don’t have your Master’s?!” comment from people. I know. I don’t. I will, though. This semester is Contemporary Literature. It’s right in my wheel house. I can’t stand the Brontes or Jane Austin. I’m more of a Faulkner, McCarthy person. Cheap, I know. But I have a feeling you don’t really care. Gimme that sheet of paper and a pay raise, and you can think whatever you want about me.

National Signing Day
We had a big signing day at the school. Our hard-hitting safety signed with with the University of Louisville, and a reliable WR signed with JCJC. The school was crazy on Wednesday, and it was fun to be part of it. I got to pretend to be a make believe SID (Sports Information Director) for part of the day. It’d be fun to be one of those, and at school we teach that you can be anything you want to be. So, I was an imaginary SID for an hour and half. Also, I could fly and walk through walls. Also, I was richer than the entire country of United Arab Emerites. Imagination is the best.

Choices Video
I’m going to take credit that the Choices Video was my idea. Now, I did mention it before anyone mentioned it to me, but there could have been someone else mentioning it at the same time. Since I don’t know about it (and this site has my last name attached to it), I’m taking the credit. Typically, the counselors talk to students about what classes are available to take and what is required. They do this in every English class which gets old. Hmm, think about talking about the same thing hour after hour. You’d have to be crazy to think it’s a good idea…wait. So we’ve been piecing together a video/slide show that covers the classes and we (I) have been putting all the pieces together.  Overwhelming? No. Time consuming? Yes. Fun? Yeah. Worth it? We’ll see. Hopefully this won’t be a flop.

Courier Stuff
Screen Shot 2016-02-06 at 10.10.27 AM.pngI’ve been trying to write more articles for The Clinton Courier. I tend to clear about two or three every three weeks. Christmas was a doozie. I covered maybe six? I’m working on four right now…and I’m already struggling to make deadline. Good thing it’s not a daily paper. Of course, if it was, I don’ think I’d be working two or three jobs at a time. It’s fun writing for them. I like to build it up in my head and make believe I’m a big deal. Hey, it is what you make it to be, right? I’m fortunate to be writing for them, and wouldn’t change a thing.

Coaching Stuff
Now that soccer season is over, I’m having to shift my focus to tennis. Translation: Instead of unlocking doors and driving a bus for girls soccer, now I unlock doors and drive a bus solely for tennis. I bring little-to-zero (more like zero-to-negative) knowledge of tennis to the team. But, hey, no one can unlock a door quite like me. I just keep my sunglasses on and pretend to know what I’m talking about. As long as I can say “serve” or “doubles” I’m good to go.

City Stuff
There’s this thing happening in the city with an alleged tire company coming Clinton. I’m getting to help here and there. Again, it’s me pretending to be in the know. There are people who actually know what they’re doing in charge—which is good. I just get to ride the remnants of their wave.

School Stuff
First, English class: We are covering MLA style, research techniques, and we’re soon to get into the world of research paper writing. This should be fun. And by fun, I clearly mean I’ll go through a box or two of red pens.

Second, Student Newspaper stuff: The first year of The Arrow Appeal has been a blast. I already have a bunch of ideas for next year. The time consuming (but still fun) part is walking through articles with kids, helping them piece it together. I’m thinking that if I can build that foundation with them, article submissions down the road will be better. They’ve done a great job so far, so I’m holding them to a higher standard than I have in the past. More to come on that.

Thirdly, Yearbook stuff: We’re in crunch time with it, and I haven’t been paying as close attention to the book as I should. That’ll change. We’ve started checking on student names and portraits and building sports spreads and class spreads and all that. I feel like a little publisher. I’m still waiting on my millions or for a publishing company to call and offer me that CEO job. But I’m not holding my breath.

Gratuity Included in Parties of Six or More
That’s been the week. Hopefully I’ll be able to keep up with my self-imposed responsibility of keeping up with my “site.” We’ll see. It’s been a rush, but it’s been fun.

If we’re still placing our orders, I’ll take a slower week with no salt, less responsibility, an extra order of family time, and dressing on the side.

Anyone else need the menu?

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