Worthwhile Wednesday: New Year’s Resolutions?

Do people still make resolutions? I know the morning shows and talk shows always bring them up. I mean, they need something to talk about at the end of a calendar year. Why not talk about all the things you plan on doing (but probably won’t) in the upcoming year? Are New Year’s resolutions still an actual thing, or is it something that people merely … Continue reading Worthwhile Wednesday: New Year’s Resolutions?

Worthwhile Wednesday: The Attack on Huckleberry Finn

Have you seen the (poorly written) article in The Huffington Post about the school in Pennsylvania that chose to ban Mark Twain’s The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn? It says that the black students were made uncomfortable by the language in the book.  Art Hall, principal of the school in Wynnewood, says the book’s use of racial slurs was “challenging for some students, who felt the school was not being inclusive.” … Continue reading Worthwhile Wednesday: The Attack on Huckleberry Finn

JPP and Playing Injured: Heroic or Stupid?

Last night I watched a little bit of the Giants vs. Dolphins game. I’m not a huge Giants fan, but Eli is on the team. And since Eli was on my team at Ole Miss, we cheer for Eli’s team. Plus, they have OBJ, and the dude proves there’s hope for those of us under six-feet-tall. I’m not insinuating that there’s still hope for me, just … Continue reading JPP and Playing Injured: Heroic or Stupid?

Growing up is an Acquired Taste

I am a coffee drinker. I am a black coffee drinker. I always say, “My grandfather was a cop, and my dad was in the Navy. If you drank coffee, you drank it black or you didn’t drink it at all.” My father was in the Navy and my grandfather was a cop, but part about black coffee only isn’t necessarily one hundred percent true. It’s just got … Continue reading Growing up is an Acquired Taste

My Desk, the Island

I wrote this a little over year ago, and it was on one of my various blogs (which I have no clue how to get into it now). So, I thought I’d share it again. It still rings pretty true. ——————————————- My desk at school is a mystical place. More often then not it’s cluttered with various forms that need to be filled out, receipts … Continue reading My Desk, the Island

Blogs are for Suckers

Lord. I can’t tell you how many blogs I’ve had in the past. I would get this strong sense where I desperately wanted to write something, wanted to publish something for someone—not sure who—but someone to at least have the opportunity to read. Maybe subconsciously I was looking to satisfy my own self gratuitous nature by posting something and believing someone would read it. Isn’t that … Continue reading Blogs are for Suckers